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The OHS Email Discussion List is a free, on-line forum for dialogue regarding pipe organs of all kinds. Subscription to the List is limited to OHS members in good standing, who are encouraged to post informative items, questions and answers, advice and opinions, and other messages related to the purposes and interests of the OHS. Responsibility for materials posted on the List rests with the contributors and not with the OHS, a non-profit educational organization. Offensive, illegal, political, and commercial postings are prohibited, as is transmission of copyrighted material and private correspondence without permission; violation is cause for excluding the sender from the List.

Subscribers must use their real names when subscribing, and every posting must name its sender. Subscribers may not forward List content to any non-subscriber or post messages from non-subscribers without permission of the List moderator. Frivolous, trivial and off-topic items, gone/back notices (“I’m on vacation until…”), virus alerts, and excessive quoting of previous posts should be avoided. Complaints should be sent privately to the List moderator or OHS Executive Director, who may suspend or revoke an offender’s List subscription without notice and without refunding any portion of OHS membership dues. 

Postings must be submitted only as plain ASCII text. Do not use HTML, MIME, or other encoded formats. Attachments and encoded files (e.g., jpegs, MP3s, tiffs, PDF zip, etc.) cannot be accommodated, but attachments, pictures, etc. can be announced on the List with an invitation to contact the writer privately or with a link to an online source.

Everyone wishing to subscribe to the List must read and accept the terms and conditions outlined above when submitting the subscription request.

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