The link below opens the new Guidelines for Conservation adopted in July, 2008 by the OHS National Council. Predecessors of this document that have been issued by the OHS since 1973 have played a significant role in the preservation of dozens of worthy instruments in the US.

Cultural significance must be re-evaluated by every generation, as are the means of preserving the heritage for the future. The new insights of our own generation are reflected in these new Guidelines: besides their musical and visual essence, historic organs also bear a voluminous record of their construction and intervening history in the form of physical evidence. The guidelines recommend a conservation-minded approach to restoration that seeks not only to restore beauty and voice, but also to preserve historical evidence for future examination.

Several auxiliary documents, recommendations, and guidelines will supplement the Conservation Guidelines as they are completed. These will include Recommendations for Owners of Historic Organs (a one-page summary of the Guidelines for Conservation); Guidelines for Documentation, and an Annotated Conservation Bibliography.

Guidelines for Conservation and Restoration

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