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Enfield Shaker Village

Aerial View of Enfield Shaker Village

Have you ever wished you could turn back the
hands of a clock to experience the organ culture of a former age?

The Organ Historical Society is sponsoring an event so unusual next summer that it will be as close to stepping back in time as you are likely to get. Call this event “The organ tour your great-grandmother and grandfather attended!” Highlights are fifteen notable examples of New England organs, (including the OHS emblem organ); the endearing charms of an intact, nineteenth-century inn; wholesome New England cooking, served in a dining room where people still “dress” for dinner (remember those days?); and the awesome vistas of a mountain lake so pristine, you can see still the bottom. Imagine white country churches, old covered bridges (we’ll pass several on our travels!), miles of unfettered farmland, freshly baked bread, and the delectable taste of real maple syrup, still made every year on the grounds of the inn. There are no TVs, stereos, or fax machines, and the two public telephones are still adequate for two hundred guests. Imagine a place where the people are so decent that door locks are unnecessary, even at night. And best of all, you can join this captivating tour for one quarter the cost of going elsewhere else next summer. It’s a veritable “recession” special, and you won’t even have to miss a weekend at church to attend it. Ed Boadway, a founder of the OHS and its first Secretary, is the honorable chairman of this event.